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A statement on the death of George Floyd and peaceful protesters


“How many murders and killings must happen to the Black men and women in America before we as a people will know justice?  Far too many have happened! How many calls and demands for systemic change have we already heard? Far too many! What has changed? Far too little!


I am proud that the vast majority of the protests going on during the days and weeks of commemorating the death of George Floyd have been peaceful. Dr. King would want it that way. And although much attention was given to the looters, it was the good people on the ground floor throughout our country who marched at some risk to their health to voice our call for justice and to demand that change is needed. 


It is their voice that is being heard. It is their cry to bring Dr. King’s dream and our dream to fulfillment so that we can truly say: “free at last!”  There is a dream in America. That dream is embedded in our Constitution. It says that all people are created equal.  Jesus simply says: “Love one another.” Jesus’ call urges us to see each other – maybe for the first time – through the lens of peace and justice, compassion and kindness, care and concern. 


“We the people” have been heard. Let us all walk on the path of love – the love that drives out hate and brings justice to each of us.

                Most Reverend J. Terry Steib, SVD bishop emeritus of Memphis

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