All Souls Parish is a Stewardship Parish

6th Stewardship Faith Formation

We just concluded the 6th Stewardship Faith Formation on Monday, June 3rd.  Session 5 focused on the Mass, the School of Stewardship.  And Session 6 dealt on Stewardship, a Lifestyle Change.  A surprise bonus was Budgeting.  Indeed each family must have a budget.  Having a budget will let you know if you are spending more than you are earning.
Then you will determine your offering to God.  Offer the first fruits to God, not the leftovers.  After all, everything that we have comes from God. Sharing bread after prayers was the first order of the evening:  four (4) new attendees; ten (10) returning Stewards; Florian Romero, Director of Stewardship and Instructor.  There were lots of good food, fun and faith filled evening.

The Faith Formation series were all held on Mondays as follows:
May 6th :  Introduction to the Spirituality of Stewardship
May 13th :  Following Christ. Characteristics of a Christian Steward: Prayerful, Grateful
May 20th :  Stewardship of Service. Spiritual Gift Discernment. Characteristics of a Christian Steward: Merciful, Persistent.                    May 27th: Gifts Received- Gifts Accepted-Gifts Transformed -Gifts Cultivated and Shared-  Characteristics of a Christian Steward: Generous, Accountable

At the outset, sixteen (16) new attendees and seventeen (17) returning Stewards signed up.  Only eight (8) new attendees and ten (10) returning Stewards participated.  Know though that: Stewards are persistent, patient, prayerful and kind.

We invite our parishioners to join Stewardship if you seek Spirituality, if you want to learn the six (6) Characteristics of Faithful Stewards such as 1.  Prayerful   2.  Grateful   3.  Being Merciful   4.  Being Persistent  5.   Being Generous   6.  Being Accountable.

Finally, All Souls Church is a Stewardship Parish.  Be a part of Stewardship, which is defined as: “The grateful response of a Christian disciple, who recognizes, receives and cultivates God’s gifts and generously shares these gifts in love of God and neighbor”.

Marissa Alameda Andres – All Souls Steward


6ª Formación de Fe en la Corresponsabilidad

Acabamos de concluir la 6ta. Formación de la Corresponsabi-lidad, el lunes 3 de junio. La sesión 5 se centró en la misa, la escuela de administracion. Y la sesión 6 trata sobre la Corresponsabilidad, un cambio de estilo de vida. Un bono sorpresa fue el presupuesto. De hecho, cada familia debe tener un presupuesto. Tener un presupuesto te permite saber si está gastando más de lo que ganas. Asi, podras determinar tu ofrenda a Dios. Ofrecerle los primeros frutos a Dios, no las sobras. Después de todo, todo lo que tenemos viene de Dios.

La Formación de Fe se llevó a cabo todos los lunes de la siguiente manera:
6 de mayo: Introducción a la espiritualidad de la Corresponsabilidad.
13 de mayo: Siguiendo a Cristo; Características de un administrador cristiano: orante, agradecido
20 de mayo: Corresponsabilidad del servicio; El don espiritual del discernimiento; Características de un administrador cristiano: misericordioso y persistente.
27 de mayo: Regalos recibidos; Regalos aceptados; Regalos transformados; Regalos Cultivados y Compartidos; Características de un administrador cristiano: generoso, responsable.

Al principio, dieciséis (16) nuevos asistentes y diecisiete (17) delegados que regresaron se inscribieron. Solo ocho (8) nuevos asistentes y diez (10) administradores que regresaron participaron. Sin embargo, debes saber que: los administradores son persistentes; pacientes; orantes y amables.

Invitamos a nuestros feligreses a unirse a la Corresponsa-bilidad si buscan la espiritualidad, si desean aprender las seis (6) Características de los administradores  fieles, tales como: 1. Orar. 2. Agradecido. 3. Ser misericordioso. 4. Ser persistente. 5. Ser generoso. 6. Ser responsable.

Finalmente, All Souls Church es una parroquia de Corresponsabilidad. Sea parte de la administradores , que se define como: "La respuesta agradecida de un discípulo cristiano, que reconoce, recibe y cultiva los dones de Dios y comparte generosamente estos dones en el amor a Dios y al prójimo".

Compartir el pan después de las oraciones fue el primer pedido de la noche: cuatro (4) nuevos asistentes; diez (10) administradores que regresaron. Había un montón de buena comida, diversión y fe en esa noche bella.

Marissa Alameda Andres - Corresponsable de All Souls


All Souls parish is a Stewardship parish

Stewardship is the Grateful Response of a Christian Disciple Who Recognizes and Receives God’s Gifts and Shares These Gifts in Love of God and Neighbor.

Stewardship focuses on spiritualty and parish involvement.  We are entrusted with an abundance of gifts from God. By dedicating time to prayer and devoting time to parish activities, we are living the spirituality of stewardship, and living in communion with one another. We are other-centered.  We are grateful for, and take care of, the many gifts God has given us.


As good stewards, we recognize that prayer is the most fundamental component of the spirituality of stewardship. 


Stewardship is a way of life, a call to discipleship in Jesus Christ. It is a way in which we recognize and receive all the blessings God has bestowed on us.  We are thankful for the abundance of gifts God has given us and strive to share them in gratitude with one another.

All Souls Parish currently has nearly 50 parishioners involved in the Stewardship a Way of Life; we:

  • offer education for our minds & formation for our hearts,
  • gather in fellowship,
  • hold regular meetings in both English and Spanish,
  • work to expand parish involvement in ministries,
  • create new ministries, and
  • examine various approaches to living in communion with one another through prayer, parish activities, ministries and organizations.

We have completed five formation series to date and welcome you to join us as we begin again in 2019. For more information contact the Parish Office at 1-650-871-8944. 

Watch Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone's 2018 Stewardship Address


Stewardship is a Way of Life, A Way of Being a Disciple
by Fr. John Piderit


Archdiocese of San Francisco Stewardship Seminar, June 2018



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